Throw A Rock, Hit An Artist

by Negative Department

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Looking through Craigslist; came across your personal. I like Pavement too.

Let's meet at my place. I want to let you see my seven-inch singles.

Want to watch Top Gun? I have it on VHS and on my iPod.

Call an ambulance! My heart has just skipped a beat. She's got my tattoo.

Nearby ATM charges me a service fee. Good thing I'm +1.

Up-and-coming band picks up the girls by saying, "Check out our MySpace."

When the lights come up, afterparty at my place. My parents don't mind.

I'll be your Nancy, you can be my Sid Vicious. We'll make rock and roll.

House, trance and techno can't beat my old-school Game Boy. 8 bits are enough.

New boyfriend never goes to work or pays the bills, but he's in the scene.

Sometimes I wonder: does my Ivy League degree make me less indie?

Time to go to work - service industry peon, but it pays the rent.

When the bar is closed, my buddy can hook us up if he's not too drunk.


released September 20, 2008
[ music and words by Negative Department ]




Negative Department Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Negative Department combines the pretentiousness of 70's prog rock, the self- consciousness of 80's radio candy, the dark sarcasm of 90's MTV-punk, and the incessant repetition of 21st-century techno. The result can only be described as a complete waste of your time. ... more

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